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Basic Package

Starting at $99

Our Basic Package is a great package that will make your car a more comfortable place to be. We will vacuum and wipe down all interior surfaces as well as wash the exterior of your vehicle leaving it smelling fresh.​

Coastal Packages

Starting at $200

Our west coast inspired package is designed to make your vehicle feel like new again. Meticulously detailing and transforming your interior.

We will also take your exterior to the next level decontaminating it and making sure it is ready for a high end coating or carnauba wax.

Paint Correction/cut and polish

Starting at $85

A cut will remove a layer of you clear coat to get ride of scratches and paint imperfections.

A polish will bring back the gloss and depth of your paint and help to prevent peeling and cracking.

Our service is safe and will be much cheaper than the alternative of getting your vehicle repainted. 

New Vehicle Protection

Starting at $1500

Vehicles are expensive so why not protect your investment?

Our new vehicle package will provide a gloss enhancement for your paint with a polish and then a professional ceramic coating will be applied to all exterior areas of your vehicle including glass and wheels as well as trim.

This will keep your vehicle looking its best.

Extreme Coastal Interior

Call for pricing

Our Extreme Coastal Interior takes it one step further with the most attention you can give your ride and insures every square inch of your interior is at its best.

Driving around does not just have to look good you can feel good giving your interior the show room feels that you deserve.

Graphene And Ceramic coating

Starting at $999

We pride our selves in providing the best protection for your vehicle to overcome the west coast weather.

This package will leave your vehicle with a thoroughly applied, protective coating to combat etching, mild scratching, chemical damage and stains, paint oxidation and damage from harmful UV rays.

Enhance your vehicle appearance why proving the best in protection

Head Light Restoration

Starting at $80

Bring your headlight back to looking like new and crystal clear. This service will take your dull and faded headlights and turn them back in time.

This is a great service that  can be added on to any service we provide.

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